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Grandpa Shark T-shirt & Family Pajamas - TEP-1870

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Shark T-shirt & Family Pajamas For Grampa

Much like an actual shark, media based on sharks has been lying low, swimming in the undercurrent, yet ever-present. There's Shark Tank on ABC and Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Though the classic 1975 horror film 'Jaws' is the most famous, dozens of shark movies have hit theatres since then. They often carry an unusual title such as 'Sharknado', '3-Headed Shark Attack', 'Sharktopus', and 'Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus'!

Who can forget about the hit song 'Baby Shark'? This is what our grandpa shark family pajamas are based on. They are bright and colorful, much like how life underwater looks. The colors are also fade-resistant and won't cause dyes or stains on your other clothing. If your grandpa is a shark lover, then he can wear these family pajamas of these cold-blooded creatures everywhere he goes.

The grandpa shark family pajamas from Teepinch are absolutely killer. These shark family pajamas are sure to make a great gift for your grandfather. The granddaddy of the home can now become the king of the ocean, and it's all thanks to Teepinch. Don't miss out on these grandpa shark shirts and family pajamas. We also offer free shipping to people ordering over $40 in the US or Canada. 


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