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February 14, 2020 3 min read

St. Patrick's Day, patron of Ireland, is celebrated every March 17. This Irish national holiday was originally a Catholic religious holiday in honor of this saint. In 1903 it became a public holiday and is now considered as its national day.

 Who was St. Patrick?

March 17 marks the death of St. Patrick , who died that day in 461. Born in Bannavern Taberniae (Scotland), a territory of Britain. He was a religious, missionary and evangelist in Ireland, considered the Introducer of Christianity on the island. Son of a Christian deacon and Roman decurion, his birth name was Maewy Succat. At 16 he was kidnapped by Irish pirates who took him to Ireland and made him a slave. He stood for six years like that, until he managed to escape to French lands. There he was ordained a priest, changed his name to Patricius and decided to return to Ireland to preach the gospel.

At that time the island was divided into numerous clans subject to the powerful authority of the Druids. San Patricio adapted very well to the social conditions of the place, forming a local clergy and several Christian communities, respecting the traditions and customs of its inhabitants. He is known as the 'Apostle of Ireland', place where he died on March 17 of the year 461.

Where’s this holiday celebrated? 

Over the years, this Irish holiday has expanded all over the world (especially driven by immigrant communities from Ireland). The capital of the country, Dublin, where the festivities last up to four days, receives thousands of tourists who come to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The events are concentrated in a festival that has been held since 1995, with a big parade,music stages, green st. patrick's day shirts, costumes and other activities.


The United States is surely the second country where St. Patrick is most celebrated for the large number of Irish immigrants it received during the 19th and 21th centuries. There are various curiosities linked to this holiday in the US. For this, we will show several cities where a St. Patrick's Day parade is held: 


Chicago celebrates St. Patrick's Day in a big way, with a great parade that has been held since the mid nineteenth century and, above all, staining the Chicago River green , which certainly leaves spectacular images. By the way, it should be noted that natural dyes are used for this, so the water is not damaged nor the flora and fauna that inhabit the river.


St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated in Philadelphia since no less than the year 1771 . Everyone dresses in green to go out and enjoy the parade and the various organized activities, but especially the party, and there are at least a couple of areas in the city full of pubs run by Irishmen.


The first North American city in which St. Patrick’s day was celebrated was Boston, because not in vain a quarter of the population has Irish heritage . The South Boston neighborhood is where the parade is held and where most of the people are concentrated, although there are pubs, concerts and marching practically all over the city wearing st. Patrick's day shirts and costumes. 

And of course ... New York

For the end we leave New York, the Big Apple, because it celebrates the most massive St. Patrick's parade worldwide . Around two hundred thousand people participate in a parade that crosses Fifth Avenue , which lasts several hours and is followed by at least a couple of million people looking green. 

Pablo Zambrano
Pablo Zambrano

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