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January 22, 2020 2 min read

Valentine’s Day is almost here… and you know what that means! Time to get your significant other a special gift as a token of your love and appreciation of them. Just imagine their disappointment if you forget and don’t get them anything!

 Men are increasingly receiving Valentine’s gifts as well--it’s not just for the ladies anymore. In fact, men almost expect a Valentine’s gift now. Don’t worry, nothing too fancy. Just a token of appreciation of them on the most romantic of holidays. Something that will make you both think of each other and your feelings for each other whenever you see or use it.

 Paired coffee mugs for couples are perfect for that. You’ll use them almost every day, first thing in the morning. That’s why we’ve compiled five of the best coffee mug sets for couples here. They’re fun, they’re well-made, and they’ll remind you of each other each time you take a sip of some delicious coffee or tea. Positive reinforcement ;-)


1. Good Morning Beautiful, Good Morning Handsome

Waking up in the morning together means you’re the first person the other sees in the morning. Coffee is the responsibility of the one who gets out of bed first. Might as well make your first conversation of the morning a compliment and start the day off right. I just saved you hundreds in couples’ therapy. You’re welcome!


2. King, Queen
He’s your King and You’re his Queen. You want everyone to know. Get the mugs. Heck, get the rest of the merch. Everyone just needs to accept it already, so tell them. #RELATIONSHIPGOALS

3. I Like His Guns, I Like Her Buns
Finally, your man can let the world know how much he appreciates your breakfast buns. Mmmm. Nothing like a juicy, cinnamon glazed bun in the morning with some coffee. He can show off his guns with his favorite grill apron… That’s when you whip out of the hamburger buns.


4. LO, VE

Get it? It spells LOVE. You do love each other, right? RIGHT? How is everyone supposed to know unless you have the mugs? It’s a no-brainer. There’s a lot more to choose from, too, even if your lover is a literal dog.


5. Love You, Love You More



    We know who loves the other more. Finally, you can let everyone else know, too!  You’ll love them so much you’ll soon be arguing over switching. Fighting over who gets to do the dishes. Who gets to make the coffee. Who loves the other more…

    Did you like the mugs here? We have a heck of a lot more for Valentine’s Day, or any gift occasion, really!

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    Nick Fiorante
    Nick Fiorante

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