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May 08, 2020 2 min read

Being father for the first time means a lot of dedication, many sleepless nights, changing diapers, carrying your daughter's things, organizing the baby car in the car, doing many pampering and strange faces.

But we know that being a new father is also a pride, an incomparable event, a new love and a great protection role for that wonderful baby and on Father's Day it is very important to celebrate the raising of a child for the first time, so today we gather the best father's day gifts mostly DYS style for a new father. As a sister, mother, or friend you'll be covered with these ideas!

Custom photo frame

A very special gift for this first-time father is a custom photo frame in which he can place the photo of him with his son to remember and freeze the wonderful moments he is living so that even when his son grows up he will be able to remember those memorable days that he will not will repeat and remain in your memories forever. You can get funny by printing his picture as a cartoon or even adding a belly to his picture. 

Personalized book

To celebrate this day for a first father, there is nothing better than giving it a unique personalized detail and that you can keep forever with nostalgia, that is why we recommend a personalized book with a fantastic story telling the days of the baby so far with a story where the baby tells the story thanking for all the special moments shared and the happiness of having an only father. The key is to make it yourself with details no other could do. 

T-shirts for Father's Day

When it comes to gifts the matching shirts have the best rating is an incredible, wonderful and very sweet gift, you can find very funny shirts that dad and son can use with figures, messages and very funny phrases they can also take them at home or when they go out to somewhere together demonstrating the family union and the important bond between dad and son. Dad and son T-shirts are a gift that all parents will love, that's why we decided to search among the available options and bring a recommendation where you can choose the one you like the most

Funny Aprons for father's day

All dads love barbecues and for first-time dads it is a unique moment since the family has a new member so we suggest a pair of fabulous aprons with fun messages that highlight the wonderfulness of being a father in a funny way and we know you will be very happy with this unique detail… .. Do not worry about the ideas to know which apron to choose, we bring you some suggestions about aprons that this first-time dad will love



Pablo Zambrano
Pablo Zambrano