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October 28, 2019 3 min read

Most Popular Color Schemes for Christmas Pajamas

With Christmas drawing near, there is a spirit of festivity and anticipation in the air. Everyone waits for Santa and also to open their presents under the Christmas tree in their Christmas Pajamas.  Most families have now added the tradition of wearing matching Christmas Pajamas. This means you have to check out the new designs and color schemes for Christmas Pajama available online!

What are the popular Color Schemes for Christmas Pajamas this year?

Novelty is what makes life and its occasions interesting. Add a dash of spice to your Christmas this year by decking out in any of these new and popular color schemes for Christmas Pajamas.

  1. The traditional Christmas Red and Green
    Red and green are classic Christmas colors. Green and red have always been the all-time favorite Christmas colors. They personify the holly and mistletoe colors which symbolize Christmas. This Green and Red color scheme sells like hot cakes during Christmas every year. Why not get your Christmas Pajamas in these popular colors to celebrate the spirit of Christmas?

    Get your Green and Red Christmas Pajamas with holly and mistletoe motifs or cherries and ivy sprig motifs. Or get Christmas Pajamas with green Christmas tree and red cherries that make you look both sprightly and lively this Christmas.

  2.  Blue and White

    A Blue and white color scheme would look cool on your Christmas Pajamas. Get your Christmas Pajamas in this cool color combination that would make you feel elegant on your Christmas night.

    Look for Christmas Pajamas in Blue and White plaid or flannel and curl up comfily under the Christmas tree.

  3.  Black and Red
    Go Scottish this Christmas by choosing this Black and Red color combination for your Christmas Pajamas. Like the Marlboro Man, wear this Buffalo Plaid combination on your Christmas Pajamas to look both stunning and appealing to create a stir on Christmas night his year.
  4.  Red and White
    Choose this Santa color combination for your Christmas Pajamas to get a darling look at Christmas.  Everyone loves Santa and his "red and white " outfit. Be a Santa yourself with your red and white Christmas Pajamas and bring cheer to your family on Christmas Pajamas.
  5.  Cream and Brown
    Everyone loves Santa and Snowman. But what about Rudolph, the reindeer? We are his fans too. Get this cream and brown combination of the Rudolph Reindeer for your Christmas Pajamas and end your kids into tons of delight. This butterscotch combination is just right to butter your family for this Christmas.
  6.  Grey and red
    This color combination on your Christmas Pajamas could be a novelty this Christmas. Yes. get your Christmas Pajamas with grey koalas or moose printed along with red cherries. The red on a grey background is a contrast combination that makes your Christmas Pajamas super-special.
  7.  Green and white
    Try this green and white combination on your Christmas Pajamas and look like the classic Christmas elf. Get your Christmas Pajamas with green and white stripes or with elf motifs on a green background to charm your family for Christmas.
  8.  Grey and green
    This Grey and Green color combination would look unique and outstanding on your Christmas Pajamas. Grey snowflakes amidst a bed of green holly would look superb on your Christmas Pajamas.
  9. Black and white
    Black and white is a great combination for your Christmas Pajamas. Get them in checked or pinstriped designs to create a stylish effect. Look for  Christmas Pajamas with dashing reindeer or merry elves printed on them - your family will love it!

Get Christmas Pajamas in any of the above color schemes and rock the world this Christmas.


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Bold Commerce Collaborator

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